Readers Reviews Of The Little B&B At Cove End By Linda Mitchelmore

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Readers Reviews Of The Little B&B At Cove End By Linda Mitchelmore

Harper Collins have very kindly sent out Spiral Bound copies of this novel and I am delighted to share readers reviews below.

Beverley Ann Hopper

Set in a little village in Larracombe, Devon, Cara Howard thirty nine year's old is left widowed after her husband Mark dies in a car crash. Her daughter Mae is Fifteen years old, and they both find that Mark spent a lot of money, all on internet gambling. They have only been left the house that it is in Caras name.

She decides to turn it into a business venue. Cove End B&B, money is very tight and Cara has lost a lot of goods in the house due to her husband selling them around the village. Everyone knew your business in Cove End!  Larracombe St Ives Art Festival was in a few weeks time so Cara was hoping for plenty of business coming her way. And international artist Tom Gasson-Smith makes a booking.

This is a summer that Cara and Mae will never forget. This is such an enjoyable feel good book and I loved the story. A hard struggle that mother and daughter have held together.

It will definitely capture your heart.

Fiona Morton

I would love to thank the publishers for sending me a spiral bound copy of this book to read and review. Just perfect as it's by an author I really wanted to get a book to read.

It was absolutely brilliant. I loved reading it from beginning to end. I strongly recommend this book if you are thinking of trying Linda Mitchelmore for the first time.

So glad the book had a happy ending. 

Sandra Blower

This is the first book I have read by Linda Mitchelmore but most certainly not the last!  Cara and her Mae are both coming to terms with the loss of Mark (husband & father).

Cara has to adjust to accepting that Mark was a gambling addict, also that he sold precious items fom their home, items that had belonged to Cara's grandmother and items that belonged to Mae.

As Mae is becoming a young woman and having a boyfriend things happen that test her feelings for Josh, until the day her mother opens their house as a B&B. Mae is rebelling about having strangers trawling through her home. I won't say anymore but I can highly recommend this book.

It is a brilliant up-lifting read.EXCELLENT 5*

Diane Cunningham

This was a lovely feel good summertime read. Set in a village called Larracombe in Devon it makes you want to go on holiday and stay in the lovely friendly B&B that Cara is forced to start after the untimely death of her husband.

Cara has done her best to shield her daughter Mae from the actions of her thoughtless gambling addict Dad. When he dies in a car crash Mae doesn’t understand why her Mum seems to be moving on so quickly and not keeping things how they were when her Dad was alive.

Unfortunately Cara has no choice, as anything worth having her husband had pawned or sold to fuel his gambling addiction. It’s a bumpy ride for both Cara and Mae as they start to pick up the pieces of their lives and move on. Cara is like a fierce mother lion protecting her cub but she doesn’t realise her husband’s actions are the talk of the village.

Will Mother and daughter’s relationship ever be the same and will Cara’s new adventure keep the wolf from the door. A lovely read finding out how they will survive the tragedy in their lives.

Margaret Taylor

Comprehensive storyline spread over quite a short period of time. So much crammed into this book, mainly about the weeks leading up to an exhibition by various artists. 

Enjoyed the interaction between Cara a widow, and her daughter Mae.

Typical teenage reaction to parental authority resulting in unwelcome liaisons with local lads and bad decisions by Mae. Notably going boating with boyfriend under unsafe conditions resulting in them getting stranded with an upturned boat and having to be rescued by the lifeboats.

Mothers reaction to hearing her daughter was having to be rescued was very surprising. She decided to have a shower and then go outside wearing nothing but an old raincoat! Of course the romantic part of this story chooses that moment to appear to stay at the B and B, a famous artist.

Good book to read on holiday especially if you like happy endings. 

Heather Copping

A feel good story about mother and daughter Cara and Mae, who live in an idyllic Devonshire village.

After the death of Cara's husband Mark in a road accident, then finding out he stole from her to feed his gambling habit, Cara decides to open their house as a B and B, much to Mae's disgust at having strangers in the house. 

The first couple who arrive to take a room do the dirty on her, but she doesn't let it put her off. Soon things go from good to bad, or bad to good sometimes, leaving Cara wondering if she has made the right choice in running a B and B.

Mae has to learn to grow up, as she too has to face realities of being a teenager with a lone parent who struggles to do everything for her. After a handsome artist books in for a long stay, Cara is left wondering if she's going to face the future on her own or will this handsome stranger be more than a stranger.

Will Mae overcome her teenage angst and be the daughter Cara has never had and will she too meet up with someone who will love her for what she is?

This book will appeal to fans of Cathy Bramley and Jenny Colgan, a great summertime or indeed any time of the year read, especially  when you need that feel good factor, full of laughs,  sadness and plenty of hope for the future.

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