Tap Water, Bottled Water, Filtered Water !

Written by Jan Rosser in Food and Drink on 10 Oct 2020 | Views: 59

Tap Water, Bottled Water, Filtered Water !

We all need to drink water to stay alive. The staff of life.

I know that bread is always called the staff of life, but I heard the other day it is now water that is quoted as such. 

I have been out and about to various appointments  over the last few months and, well, every time I go out I have a bottle of water with me.  There were many other people in the various waiting rooms in the hospital, doctors etc and all had bottles of water. I don't know if some or all of the bottles were newly purchased or not but most were in plastic bottles. Like thousands, millions of people probably, I used to be a culprit for bottled water until a few years ago. I do use a glass or my eco bamboo bottle to carry my water or juice.

An article called The waste of plastic explains. Here is an extract.

'Plastic waste flowing into the oceans is expected to nearly triple in volume in the next 20 years, while efforts to stem the tide have so far made barely a dent in the tsunami of waste, research shows.'

So why's it so bad? 

This is an interesting article about how many litres of water it takes to produce one litre of bottled water. 

This article is interesting too. Here is an extract.  "Take Back the Tap," Food & Water Watch explains that 64 percent of bottled water comes from municipal tap water sources—meaning that Americans are often unknowingly paying for water that would otherwise be free or nearly free."

Brita water jug

I  bought a water filter jug in 2014. This cost me £9.99 and the pack of four filters which each last a month cost £20. When you think that you can spend between 50p and anything up to £3.50 for a 1litre bottle in a shop or a Service Station, this is good value if you prefer filtererd.

Why don't I just turn the tap on?

My reply is that tap water does not taste the same once you leave it standing in a cup, or a bottle. It is fine for around twenty minutes then has an after taste. Maybe it is just the area where I live, perhaps other people do not agree with me. 

But in these COVID times, when finances are stretched for many, tap water surely must be the answer even if there is a chlorine type taste?

Oh and just before I go, what exactly is 'value' water that supermarkets sell?

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