My Review Of Biotta Organic Fruit And Vegetable Juices Supplied By A.Vogel

Written by Jan Rosser in Alternative Health Treatments on 24 Sep 2018 | Views: 151

My Review Of Biotta Organic Fruit And Vegetable Juices Supplied By A.Vogel

Many of you will have heard of A.Vogel, the Swiss pioneer of natural health. 

The company sells many different products and I have been sent 7 bottles of Biotta fruit and vegetable juices to try.

Let me quote this paragraph from A.Vogel website. 'Having produced organic fruit and vegetable juices since 1957, it’s safe to say that Biotta have mastered the art of juicing. They have an impressive variety of juices on offer, all of which are delicious, nutritious, and have their own array of unique health benefits.  First founded in 1931 by the renowned organic pioneer Dr. Hugo Brandenberger, Biotta turned the concept of ‘from field to fridge’ into a reality. Specialising in producing superior quality, organic fruit and vegetable juices, Biotta launched their very first juices onto the market in 1957.'

I am attracted by the fact that all of the juices I have been sent are NOT made from concentrate and the juices are made and dispatched within a matter of days, thereby ensuring they are as fresh as possible and retain more nutrients. If you would like to read about the whole process, click here.

Biotta Carrot 

Biotta juice

Biotta Carrot Juice

One of the most popular juice drinks on the market is Carrot Juice and Biotta first started producing this in 1957. I can remember being told by my parents when I was little that eating carrots would help me see in the dark. I don't know if this is the case to this day, but carrots are rich in beta-carotene, an important precursor to Vitamin A. We need Vitamin A for healthy mucous membranes, good vision and healthy skin. I eat  cooked and raw carrots at least three times a week and the flavour of this vegetable certainly comes through. 

 find the sweetness a bit overpowering, but if you like sweet drinks, you will love this.  I had a drink of water after each of my doses. Best to keep in the fridge and use within 7 days of opening.

The recommended dosage per day is 100ml and a 500ml bottle retails at £3.99 providing 5 days worth of Carrot Juice.

Biotta Potato

Biotta juice

Biotta Potato juice

I must admit I have never heard of Potato Juice. A few years ago I made some Potato wine and suffered the worst hangover EVER!!  Fortunately this juice is not alcoholic. Made from 667g of organic potatoes and enhanced with fennel, the health benefits are relief from aching joints and even helping digestive problems such as dyspepsia.  If you are on an alkaline diet, it is well known that Potato Juice helps balance the pH levels of the body fluids. Read more about these claims here

This flavour of juice is quite mild and the potato comes through on the tongue. It is pleasant though. If you are on an alkaline diet, then maybe try this?

As above, the recommended dosage per day is 100ml and a 500ml bottle retails at £4.99 providing 5 days worth of Potato Juice.

Biotta Beetroot

Biotta juice

Biotta Beetroot Juice

I am a big fan of Beetroot Juice and I also loved boiling my own beetroots to eat in salads and in sandwiches. Biotta Beetroot is a natural source of potassium which helps to maintain normal blood pressure and also helps athletes helps with muscle function.

The flavour of this brand is delicious and I love it. 

As above, the recommended dosage per day is 100ml and a 500ml bottle retails at £3.99 providing 5 days worth of Beetroot Juice.

Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry

Biotta juice

Biotta Wild Cranberry juice

Along with Beetroot Juice, Cranberry is another favourite of mine. The Biotta blend is made from berries grown in the Carpathian Mountains and harvested by hand! The phytonutrient content can sometimes help with bladder problems, If you take Warfarin, please ask your GP before buying this flavour. The sharpness and strong flavours of Cranberries come through and I will definitely buy this brand again.

As above, the recommended dosage per day is 100ml and a 500ml bottle retails at £5.99 providing 5 days worth of Wild Cranberry Juice.

Biotta Breuss

Biotta juice

Biotta Breuss juice

What an intriguing name for a juice! The name comes from the inventor, Rudolph Breuss. Many decades ago, Rudolph devised this recipe which is still secret and only the Biotta plant has exclusive rights for producing it. We know that the juice combines all of the goodness from the juices of organic beetroot, carrot, celeriac, potato and radish. The flavour is certainly unusual, but very unique and one that I cannot distinguish. A very refreshing drink and can certainly recommend for anyone on a Detox diet or maybe convalescing and not able to eat many solid foods.

As above, the recommended dosage per day is 100ml and a 500ml bottle retails at £4.50 providing 5 days worth of Breuss Juice.

Biotta Vegetable Cocktail

Biotta juice

Biotta Vegetable Cocktail juice


This Vegetable Juice is a glorious colour and is packed full of antioxidants, Tomato, carrot, celeriac and beetroot juice are blended together with a pinch of  sea salt and this ensures a healthy tasty drink at any time of the day.

As above, the recommended dosage per day is 100ml and a 500ml bottle retails at £3.99 providing 5 days worth of Vegetable Cocktail Juice.

Biotta Purple Carrot

Biotta juice

Biotta Purple Carrot juice

I have never seen a purple carrot, have you?! Some of my friends and family have though, so I have missed out! 780 grams of organic purple carrots are used to make up EACH bottle of this juice. Purple carrots are estimated to contain more than 28 times more anthocyanins than orange carrots. They also contain considerable amounts of Lutein, thereby may help with eye health especially as we age. I enjoyed this drink.

As above, the recommended dosage per day is 100ml and a 500ml bottle retails at £4.50 providing 5 days worth of Purple Carrot Juice.

All of the juices here are vegan and gluten-free and can also be used during pregnancy.

I have enjoyed evaluating these products and the added bonus that they are doing my health good is certainly worthwhile. Why not try one or more yourself and let me know what you think?

Lead image my own, all single bottle images copyright A.Vogel.

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