Is A 'Good Deal Ever A Good Deal?'

Written by Jan Rosser in Food and Drink on 03 Nov 2020 | Views: 1

Is A 'Good Deal Ever A Good Deal?'

I've been looking for good food and drink 'deals' whatever they may be!

Food is very much in the news and many families are struggling. Some of us may not be able to get out due to health issues and COVID19 restrictions. We may rely on friends and families to shop for us. 

On Tuesday I went to a well known supermarket, they have some great DEALS on this week. But are they? Toilet rolls, a four pack is £1.99 on offer from £2.49. A nine pack is £3.99 which is not showing as an offer. People are grabbing two four packs. I picked up a nine pack. Who has the better DEAL?

Porridge Oats sachets, half price £1.22, but only the one variety, why not all the varieties?

Moving on to one of the many £1 shops of which there are quite a few. The £1 signs scream at you in big numbers and exclamation marks, but a lot of the pack sizes are smaller than the pack sizes you can buy for a few pence more at other shops. Chocolate is a main culprit.

If you look at the Shelf Edge Labels below each product you can see how much per unit the product is and this is where you can work out whether you may be saving money. 

We all need to be super savvy these days especially when there are shortages of certain goods.


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