Reviewing THK600 Golden Oil Tinctures From The Herb Kingdom

Written by Jan Rosser in Alternative Health Treatments on 02 May 2019 | Views: 183

Reviewing THK600 Golden Oil Tinctures From The Herb Kingdom

The Herb Kingdom is based in Herefordshire where I live and sells finest quality CBD products.

These products are becoming ever more popular and is used to help treat various ailments.  They are sold as food supplements in the UK and companies cannot give medical advice.

I was interested to read about how and why this local company was set up.

Let me begin by quoting this extract from the website. 

'The home of full spectrum 'golden' CBD oil at superb value for money. Better tasting. More effective.'

The Herb Company

Alex (left) and Laurence Hughston

'Our Story'

'We are father and son - Laurence & Alex Hughston. A few years ago Alex contracted Crohn's Disease and had to have an operation to remove part of his bowel. The operation failed and resulted in poison leaking into his stomach which nearly killed him. A second emergency operation a few days later saved his life.

However, the Crohn's remains and the desire to keep it at bay is strong. After much research, he discovered that using CBD oil (as a food supplement and in addition to changes to his diet recommended by his doctors) could help relieve his symptoms. Obviously, we cannot make any medical claims here but we know what we know.

But sourcing high-quality CBD oil at a reasonable price proved difficult as the market is awash with misinformation and poor practice. Claims about CBD content (potency) are often misleading and the industry is rife with stories of lab tests being conducted on products which prove that they don't contain what they claim to contain. What is evident is that some people are making an awful lot of money selling products with very low levels of CBD at extortionate prices. And let's face it - it's the CBD people are paying for not the carrier oils.'

'Our Approach'

We have put countless hours into finding out all we can about CBD oil and where to source the best products. We fully understand what makes a great product and what represents great value for money, so you can be confident that buying your CBD products from The Herb Kingdom is a great decision. After all, the products we sell are the products which Alex uses himself.'

THK 600

I have been sent one bottle of THK 600 oil in the hope that it will help alleviate my Carpal Tunnel symptoms. *This product is made from full spectrum CBD oil and contains 600mg of CBD carried in non-GMO organic hemp seed oil, with each drop containing 3mg of CBD.* *See full description here. All the Herb Kingdom products are made from filtered golden oil which produces a much better tasting, higher CBD content and value for money. You can read more about the process here.

When you first start taking CBD it is best to start 'low and slow' until you find a dose that suits you best. As the website says 'The general consensus is that 5-10mg per day for the first week and doubling up in week two is a sensible place to start. But of course each person reacts differently and your ECS (Endocannabinoid System) may or may not already be awake. The key is to allow the first month to find your ‘sweet spot’ and don’t try to rush things. If the CBD oil gives you the relief you were hoping for it will have been worth the wait.'

Laurence has sent me an update to explain some of the confusion surrounding dosage.

The popularity of cbd products has grown hugely over the past couple of years but there is still a lot of confusion about the potency of the extracts. Here are some pointers to help you better interpret how much cbd a given product may contain.

  • Look for the total cbd content in milligrams.

  • If the label states the percentage of cbd, the size of the bottle is important. For example, 5% in a 10ml bottle is 500mg but in a 30ml bottle it is 1500mg.

  • Some suppliers will state the strength of the original extract used before a carrier oil is added. So the label may state '15% cbd extract' but the total cbd content in a 10ml bottle may be 500mg instead of 1500mg. This is because the original extract is diluted to a third of its original strength.

  • Look for amount of cbd per drop. This is another good indicator of total cbd content - for example 200 drops with 6mg of cbd per drop is 1200mg in total.

Remember, it is the cbd content that you're paying for not the carrier oil. Many products contain much lower levels of cbd than you may think. When comparing products you should compare the cost per milligram.

Also ask to see 3rd party lab tests to confirm that the stated cbd content is correct.

The recommended dosage of the drops I have is 2 - 3 drops placed under the tongue for sixty seconds before swallowing for twice a day. The bottle provides 200 drops, so around a month's supply.

If you would like to see if this will help you with one of your conditions, you can oreder directly from here.

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