Sharing Our Christmas Trees!

Written by Jan Rosser in Socialising on 21 Dec 2019 | Views: 211

Sharing Our Christmas Trees!

Christmas Day is nearly upon us. Thank you so much for sharing photos of your Christmas trees!

Christmas Tree

Chris Crockett - hand made tree! Isn't it lovely?

Christmas Tree

Sheila Holley's Alfie inspecting their tree!

Derek Coles table top one looks pretty.

Christmas Tree

Heather Copping's tree Heather says 'The fairy is a handmade knitted fairy,

which my mother- in-law made over 30 years ago.

She is sadly no longer with us, but we always use the fairy every year.'

Christmas Tree

Janet Braund Few has a very decorative tree!

Janet who shares her tree photo with us has also sent me this link which is an article by her of 'A Family History on a Christmas Tree.' Do read this, it's fascinating!

Christmas Tree

Moira Manson has a cute tree sitting on her bureau which looks delightful.

Christmas Tree

This is Moira Manson tree for 2020!

Christmas Tree

Rosemary Ann Smith looks very festive with all the super decorations and lights.


Donna Prosho is VERY Christmassy- super!

Christmas tree

Sheila Khan has a super tree!

Christmas tree

Katie Phillips' tree shining brightly.

Christmas Tree

Wendy Zaidi sharing her lovely tree - I like the dog painting in the background!

Julie Winstone tree with Father Christmas watching!

Christmas Tree

Lyn Wild has a super golden wire Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree

Sheila Hughes has a sparkly silver tree!

Christmas Tree

Lise Hodgson says  'I don't have a tree this year,

but I do have an advents wreath.

You light the first candle first Sunday in advent,

two candles second Sunday etc.'

Christmas Tree

Johanna Bell says 'Here’s mine, complete with Santa’s little helper.'

Christmas Tree

Amy Ammo says

' This is my retro Christmas tree,

with my collection of vintage Christmas decorations.' 

Bill Clayton shares his lovely tree.

Megan Griffiths puts up FIVE Christmas trees! This one of them.

Christmas Tree

Margaret Lily says 'Our front room tree,

complete with the Santa my mum in law

bought the xmas our Ethan was born (2002)

and she gave it to him!'

Christmas Tree

Margaret Lily shares the Christmas tree in her kitchen that her sons decorated.

Christmas Tree

Alfie Holley is staring at his Christmas tree wondering what to make of it all!

Christmas Tree

Liz Ringrose tree looks super against the backdrop of decorations.

Christmas tree

Yvonne Probert says 'We had booked to go to Lake Garda

but my GP said “no way” so we only had a midget tree just to show willing.'

This is it, hope it makes you laugh!

Christmas Tree

Caroline Hughes has a super tree to share!

Christmas Tree

Jackie Moss tree. Do read the below description from Jackie!

'Our tree is not very artistic but has knitted stockings my late mum made, Christmas baubles and decorations from family in New Zealand, a globe, shells, a little Welsh dragon that belonged to my mum, 2 Welsh love spoons ( because I’m Welsh) a little robin, (Mum always used to say that robins were loved ones coming to visit us) little handmade ( not very good writing I must admit) scrolls with words to Christmas carols on. Somewhere an old style mini , My husband Andrew likes them but he doesn’t like the new style ones. There’s a miniature pack of cards because some evenings we turn the tv off, put some music on and enjoy a game of cards. Lots and lots of things that are personal to us, so no set colour theme.'

Christmas Tree

Maggie Cobbet shares her tree for this year.

Christmas Tree

Good old Santa - been around for many years in Maggie Cobbett's family!

Christmas tree
Wyn Fisk has a home made tree. Isn't it lovely?!

Christmas Tree

My lovely friend Chris Crockett has made this tree for me!

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

The above two photos are from Jackie Moss.

'Books, a card game for 2 players. chocolates, Pringles, cheese and biscuits and of course a bottle of wine , what more could you want for a Christmas tree?' says Jackie!

The lead Christmas tree image is one of Rosemary Ann Smith's and looks very festive!

I hope these 30 photos have cheered you all up.  So much bad news and awful weather in the world, it's makes a nice change to escape for a while and look and read about Christmas. 

May I wish you all a Happy and Healthy Christmas and hopefully a Prosperous 2021!

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