Looking To Spring Clean Your Carpets? - Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner ECB1SPV1 Gets Results!

Written by Jan Rosser in Household Cleaning on 23 Apr 2018 | Views: 4,736

Looking To Spring Clean Your Carpets? - Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner ECB1SPV1 Gets Results!

Spring is now well and truly here and with it comes spring cleaning! I am delighted to have been sent a Vax Platinum Power Max carpet cleaner ECB1SPV1 to evaluate. 

On opening the box, the top packaging contains two bottles of Platinum cleaner and one bottle of Pre Treatment cleaner for those stubborn stains.

Cleaning fluids

Contents of the box

Also inside the box are extra tools plus pieces of the machine to be fitted to the cleaner. Tip. The instruction manual is a must read. 

Once you are ready to use the Vax Platinum, turn the box on its side to slide the main body from the bottom of the box. The cleaner is easy to build. Make sure you lock the handle in place. 

Hard floor Squeegee

Tool post for spin scrub tool

Spin scrub tool

Upholstery wash tool

Pre treatment wand


There is a useful bag to put the accessories in. These include a hose, an upholstery wash head, a wand for those difficult stains and a spin scrub tool to use on the stairs with the hose. There is also a squeegee bar for hard floors. The spin scrub tool can be fitted in a clip that fits on the top of the handle. See above picture. The two tanks easily slot into place.

So, we are now ready to begin!

 Mixing cleaning fluids

There are two filler holes in the top tank. One is marked water and the other for the Platinum cleaner. There are two litres of water required. ( Approx 40deg.) In the other filler, 80ml of Platinum Cleaner is used. ( 40ml of cleaner per litre of water )

I gave the large rug in my sitting room a thorough vacuum first. This is essential so as to clear any debris that maybe on the rug.

Rug before cleaning

Easily glides across the rug to shampoo

Turn the switch to the wash setting and plug the cleaner into the mains. Under the handle is the trigger to release the fluid. On the forward stroke pull the trigger up. On the backward stroke release the trigger. This will suck up residue cleaner off the carpet. Continue doing this till the top tank is empty. There is a booster switch under your thumb on the handle for heavier staining. Fill the water tank again with approximately one litre of water at 40deg and turn the switch to rinse. NO more cleaner is required. Do the same as before. Your carpet will feel damp.

Amount of dirty water extracted

End result - colours in my rug can be seen more clearly

Stairs before cleaning

There is a brush bar underneath the machine. Next to the brush bar are seven rotary brushes. Tip. Keep these as clean as possible. 

To do the stairs, fasten the hose through the flap on the front of the machine. Fit the spin scrub tool to the hose. In the upright position the brush bar and rotary brushes don't work. Stand the machine at the bottom of the stairs. The hose will stretch to the top step. Start the machine with the switch on wash. You can now clean the stairs and by pulling the trigger on the rotary scrubber, you can mix the cleaner and water solution. For heavy stains the wand fits through the same flap on the front of the machine but only delivers pre treatment solution. By releasing the trigger on the rotary scrubber, you can limit how wet the carpet gets.

Stairs after cleaning

After cleaning the stairs, the result was very pleasing.

The colour of the water in the bottom tank made me realise what a good job the machine had made of my first two carpets. Whilst the machine feels heavy in use it is balanced and easy to use. Without doubt it is essential to keep the brushes clean. Overall a great machine that does a good job and is straightforward to operate. I found the handbook was an excellent source of information. 

Weighing 9.6kg and having a clean capacity of 3.5 litres, this Vax ECB1SPV1 comes with 9 metres of cord and can reach 4.6 metres. A one year guarantee is standard. Take a look at the Vax website for all their carpet cleaners and more information. 

RRP is £299 on the Vax website, but there is an offer on at the moment which includes a FREE steam cleaner worth £69.99 and the total price is £249!

I can certainly recommend this machine. Another great product from Vax!

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