Readers Reviews Of Fabulous Books From Urbane Publications Part 2

Written by Jan Rosser in Books on 24 Aug 2018 | Views: 168

Readers Reviews Of Fabulous Books From Urbane Publications Part 2

Following on from the very popular first article of authors publications, here are some more great readers reviews.

Donna Prosho

The Soldiers Home by George Costigan

The Soldiers Home by George Costigan

The Soldiers Home is a sequel to The Single Soldier, even though it is a stand alone book, personally I think I would've enjoyed this story more if I'd read it after the single soldier.

Upon saying that, I did enjoy it once I got into the novel, it did take a while and in some parts I did struggle, and I almost put it down and discarded it.

I would love to have known the background of the house that Jacques was working on, maybe why he didn't follow Simone to America with their son, the hurt she felt in the letters she sent, and then receiving letters back after she'd written something to make him mad, was like a stab in the heart.

The second part of the book was about Enid, a spinster, a school teacher, with loving parents that saw her and helped her stride toward her potential. her father battling with war horrors and mining issues with political matters too! How she looked after him when her mother passed away, with a little resentment, and then of course how free she felt when she was in france.

It was only when the 2 stories merged together, that I loved the characters more. for me it took too long to do so, there could be a lot more to add, maybe a third book possibly??!

I was, I guess, expecting more history with the war than was mentioned, at least a base line story for the decisions of Jacques and Simone!

Overall summery - a good read, but do read The Single Soldier first.

Donna Prosho

Her Secret by Kelly Florentia

Her Secret by Kelly Florentia

It's been a while since I've read a book that has captured me right from the beginning! A book that I literally had to force myself to put down!

Audrey, our Cinderella in the story, thought she'd found her Prince Charming..... and one that fed her love for expensive shoes.....but had she found another previously & let him get away!

A novel that has love, lies, deceit, secrets & friendship.

Couldn't ask for a better read! Next question is ....when's the next book??

Beverley Ann Hopper

I loved this book. It's funny, witty, sad with lots of secrets. Audrey Fox has a loving husband and a fantastic career. Will she be able to let her secrets be told? That's for you to read. The only thing I didn't like about this book was the end.I just didn't want it to!

Donna Prosho

The Kindness of Strangers by Julie Newman

The Kindness of Strangers by Julie Newman

Initial thoughts when starting to read the book was one of heartbreak of losing your husband of many years to then of my own heartbreak of reading Martin's part of the story, a veteran with PTSD, a part that I did struggle to read as it's close to my own personal life. And the third part of a young girl, pregnant, with a mother that doesn't care and a boyfriend that is a little bit wayward.

I'm glad I persevered on,  as it is now on my top 10 list to recommend to read. All three people are linked in some way, and come together brilliantly.

I won't spoil it by giving too much away, but I certainly didn't see it coming, and whilst reading parts of it, a gasp was let out - I was on the bus at the time!

Overall a fab read that keeps your mind active, and wondering how or if the truth will come out!!

Donna Prosho

The Trouble Boys by E.R. Fallon

The Trouble Boys by E.R. Fallon

A story about 2 young boys, family & friendships, how over time people & situations change!  Growing up leads them going down 2 different paths but a path that leads them to the same ending! 

Not a usual read for me, but I found it gripping, and encompassed me into the violent gangland of the two boys world, from a young age and to the end! 

A good read!!

Margaret Taylor

Corrupted  by Simon Michael

Corrupted  by Simon Michael

An authentic crime story, once again Charles Holborne the up and coming lawyer shows why he is gaining a reputation as a murder trial lawyer.  

Set in the seedier parts of London in the 1960’s, with his connections to the Kray  twins once again affecting his reputation and future.   Trying to appear a hardened lawyer, his compassion for the underdog leads him into some difficult and dangerous situations. Though he always manages to extricate himself with the help of some good and bad friends.  

His personal life is not going well, Sally his partner wants more than he is prepared to give and eventually starts to look elsewhere.  

A good read that keeps the reader locked into the story throughout. Would recommend. 

Margaret Taylor

In The Wake by Helen Trevorrow

In The Wake by Helen Trevorrow

Unable to feel any empathy for the characters in this thriller. Kay, the main character is more concerned with protecting her own interests then helping the police find the killer of the man found dead in the docks.

Everyone has secrets and her relationships with both male and female confuse the issues. Added to that is her disparate and difficult family.

Not a book I enjoyed but ok if you enjoy a good story full of intrigue and suspense. 

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