Like Alcoholic Ginger Beer? Try Crabbies Original and Scottish Raspberry Flavours!

Written by Jan Rosser in Food and Drink on 06 May 2018 | Views: 92

Like Alcoholic Ginger Beer? Try Crabbies Original and Scottish Raspberry Flavours!

As a great lover of ginger beer, I was very pleased to receive two bottles of the alcoholic variety from Crabbies to evaluate.

As a great lover of ginger beer, I was very pleased to receive two bottles of the alcoholic variety from Crabbies to evaluate.

I remember many years ago drinking Crabbies Ginger Wine. I used to add it to whisky. Crabbies have an interesting website with  cocktails, recipes, events, charity fundraising and much more. Let me quote part of their story. 

'It takes taste and imagination to create a drink so delicious that it stands the test of time. The roots of the distinctive Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer stretch all the way back to 1801. John Crabbie capitalized on the nearby port of Leith, Edinburgh, providing him access to ingredients from many nations. He sourced the finest ginger and exotic spices; starting a legacy that would last for generations to come. Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer is made to a recipe with 4 closely-guarded secret ingredients. They’re combined with ginger shipped from Asia and steeped for 6 weeks to  produce its deep, deliciously gingery flavour. They say you shouldn’t meddle with perfection – but you can give it a fruity twist. So now you can enjoy the whole historic Crabbie’s experience in a delightful new flavour: Scottish Raspberry!"

Original Crabbies

This is a great tasting ginger beer, really refreshing and with a 'kick' to it. The flavours are matured for six weeks and the result is very satisfying. On the website there are some cocktails to view. This Mojito looks rather delicious!

Crabbie’s Mojito

Mint muddled with
20ml agave
25ml lemon juice
25ml dark rum or spiced rum
Fill glass with crushed ice
Top with
Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Garnish with mint sprig
Glass: Long Collins

Crabbies Scottish Raspberry

This is certainly a different flavoured ginger beer! The taste of real raspberries comes through with every sip and I will definitely be buying this bottle again! Here is another cocktail from the website.

Crabbie’s Raspberry Delight

4 raspberries muddled with
50ml dark rum
25ml lemon juice
25ml raspberry syrup
Shake and strain into glass
Fill with crushed ice
Top with
Crabbie’s Scottish Raspberry Flavour Ginger Beer
Garnish with 4 wheels of lemon
on the sides
Glass: Large wine glass

I hope you will enjoy these drinks as much as I do. A great alternative to lager or beer and certainly more palatable to me!

All photos are copyright Crabbies and used with permission.

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