My Review of Great Shropshire Beers -Woods From Wistanstow

Janice Rosser

Posted in Food and Drink

On 06 Dec, 2018

By Janice Rosser


Woods Beers

I have been sent a Three Pack of Woods Beers to evaluate. Who better to do this than Derek Coles? Over to you Derek!

As someone who was born and bred in Wistanstow, Shropshire, I was delighted to be sampling some varieties of Woods Beers that have long been a favourite of mine.

In my South Shropshire home village of Wistanstow the pub was bought by a local businessman. He helped set up a brewery at the rear of the pub in 1980. So Woods Shropshire beers were born. Jan has been asked to review three of their bottled beers. As she doesn't know or like beer, she has given me the unenviable job of drinking the three bottles and giving my honest opinion of them.

Woods Shropshire Lass

Shropshire Lass

First up was Shropshire Lass. Termed as a blonde beer it had a sharp tang to it. Not unpleasant by any means. What was that flavour? Reading the back of the bottle I could see the name grapefruit in the ingredients. Is this a new era of beer ingredients? Only the day before in Cardiff I had a pint of mango beer. Mango beer? Yes, mango beer and very nice it was too. 

Woods Shropshire Lass

REALLY enjoying this drink!

Likewise, the flavour of Shropshire Lass was equally enjoyable. The long hot summer of this year came to mind. What could be better than this beer on a hot day. If you want a 'cut your thirst type of beer' I can recommend Shropshire Lass.

Woods beers Born and Bred

Born and Bred

Next, I tried a bottled beer named Born and Bred. Well that's me. I was born and bred in the village where the brewery is situated. So what did I think? Firstly, in common with Shropshire Lass, don't serve this beer too cold. Just chilled is best. 

This beer is fresh tasting pale ale with a hop flavour. I would term it as very moreish if there is such a word. Fresh, hoppy, fruity flavour that is extremely refreshing to the taste buds. Lovely beer.

Shropshire Lad

Then a bottle of an old favourite of mine. When the brewery first opened they made a beer called Shropshire Lad. I've supped many a pint of this beer. I've always had the draught beer before and it has been one of my favourites. It's a lovely rounded flavour of a beer. Hoppy, malty and do I detect a chocolate hint in the flavour? I've had mango and grapefruit flavours in other beers so why not chocolate? Probably the malty flavour is giving me the hint of chocolate.

Woods Shropshire Lad

Shropshire Lad ready to pour

As you can see by the photograph I even have a Shropshire Lad pint glass. No I didn't pinch it from the pub, I bought some Woods beer from the Hop Pocket shop and the glass came with it!  Altogether a lovely drink of beer. I can thoroughly recommend Shropshire Lad.

Woods Shropshire Lad

Enjoying my drink!

So there we have my evaluation of three super tasting Woods Beers. If you are in the area, why not call in at The Plough for a drink. Maybe have a meal too? The menu is very good!



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