Find The Perfect Wipe Clean Tablecloth - Award Winning Wipe Easy Tablecloths Have A Fabulous Range!

Written by Jan Rosser in Home Furnishings on 08 Apr 2018 | Views: 86

Find The Perfect Wipe Clean Tablecloth - Award Winning Wipe Easy Tablecloths Have A Fabulous Range!

There’s nothing more pleasant than eating outdoors when the weather is warm though finding a tablecloth for your patio table isn’t always easy, especially if it has a parasol hole!

That’s why the team at Wipe Easy Tablecloths came up with the idea of offering made-to-measure oilcloth and PVC tablecloths with a parasol hole ready cut.

It’s a little innovation which makes a big difference and won the company recognition in the G a couple of years ago.

This year, Wipe Easy has launched another new innovation – a Velcro seam – making it even easier to use your tablecloth on a patio table with a parasol.

Which tablecloth material is best for outdoor use?

  • You can use any type of wipe clean tablecloth outdoors – oilcloth, PVC or Teflon. They’re shower-proof, so are a truly practical choice if the weather changes unexpectedly
  • They’re shower-proof, so are a truly practical choice if the weather changes unexpectedly!
  • They’re easy to wipe clean so will save you the laundering which accompanies linen – particularly helpful if you’re hosting a party or barbeque and want to minimise the clearing up!
  • You can buy table clips and weights to hold your tablecloth in place.
  • Wipe Easy Tablecloths can supply your tablecloth with a parasol hole if you plan to use your tablecloth on a patio table with an umbrella.
  • You can have a Velcro seam added so that your tablecloth is easy to remove from a patio table with a parasol.
  • Each tablecloth is made-to-measure and Wipe Easy Tablecloths can accommodate almost any size and shape of the table.

Gorgeous designs to suit your garden

Choose the right colour and style and you’ll have a tablecloth which enhances the look of your garden. Take a look at the suggestions in our tablecloths for the garden section of our website. William Morris designs are always a popular choice for outdoor use and you may like to browse the inspiring collection of floral tablecloths, dotty and spotty designs and traditional squares and checks too.

Tablecloths for large tables

Patio tables come in all sorts of shapes so it’s good to know that as well as round, square and rectangle tablecloths, Wipe Easy also stock a lovely range of extra wide oilcloths.

However, if your favourite design is only available in a standard width range, don’t worry, you can opt to have a neat centre seam made to create the perfect fitting tablecloth.

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