Douglas J Lindsay

My full name is Douglas John Lindsay. Sadly, I can't use that as there are several 'Douglas Lindsay' authors already, so DJ Lindsay will have to do. After a not unadventurous life in shipping and the marine world, I am finally fulfilling my long-held dream of being a writer and 'Wren Jane Beacon goes to War' is the first of a series which I am writing. I am making use of my deep knowledge of the sea to write authoritively about that world.
I have been writing vignettes from my own life for the specialist 'Marine Quarterly' a journal "dedicated to good writing about the sea" and these cover sailing in command of large square-rigged sailing ships, ship repossession work and some exciting near misses on merchant ships.
I come from Edinburgh but have lived down south for many years, following the work. I have been married for a very long time but live on my own, an arrangement which suits us both as my wife does not take kindly to being given captain's orders and I need space. The offspring are thriving mature adults and the grandchildren a delight.


Reviews by Douglas J Lindsay



When our kitchens are full of shiny white goods taking much of the labour out of domestic chores, it is easy to forget how recently most of those chores were done by hand.

By Douglas J Lindsay | 23 Feb 2020



It was one of the ironies of winning the Second World War that, from about 1948 onwards, Britain was actually worse off than the Continental countries it had defeated or liberated.

By Douglas J Lindsay | 21 Feb 2020

Taking The Old - Time Tram

Taking The Old - Time Tram

Do you remember taking the tram to school?  

By Douglas J Lindsay | 20 Feb 2020

Synopsis Of Wren Jane Beacon On The Cut

Synopsis Of Wren Jane Beacon On The Cut

The Cut:  In 1941 there were still many professional workers on the English canal system, and they referred to the canals as ‘The Cut’.

By Douglas J Lindsay | 27 Oct 2019

Reminiscing About Coal!

Reminiscing About Coal!

Remember Coal?  Lumps of black stuff which miraculously burst into flames when heat was applied to it.

By Douglas J Lindsay | 22 Dec 2018

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