Members Photos May 2020

Published: 01 May 2020 | Views: 154

Welcome to the May Gallery. 32 super photos from members, the most of any month so far!

Spring Flowers

Yvonne Pearce has a lovely garden and shares this super photo.

Early Morning In North Wales

Juliet Greenwood took her dog Phoebe for an early morning walk and captured this peaceful scene.

Pretty Pieris!

Kathleen Ferguson took this lovely photo.

Top Tulips!

Helena Fairfax has some super tulips - see the gnome in the background!

Butterfly In The Garden

Sheila Khan spotted a tortoiseshell butterfly in amongst her bedding plants in the sun. Lovely.


Isn't this forget-me-not a gorgeous flower? Taken by Lyn Wild.

Dazzling Duck!

What a fabulous photo taken by Juliet Greenwood early one morning in North Wales.

Camellia In Full Bud

Rosy Smith took this photo of her beautiful Camellia bush.

Grey Wagtail

What a fabulous photo taken by Kate Long on a sunny day in April.

Evil Goldfinch!

Sheila Khan painted this goldfinch which is rather good!

Catkins in Yorkshire

Helena Fairfax photographed these super catkins early on Good Friday.

Weeping Cherry

Sheila Holley captured her weeping cheery tree perfectly in the Good Friday sunshine.

Cherry Blossom

Lyn Wild took this super photo of cheery blossom on Good Friday.

Spring Colours

Trevor Belshaw shares his lovely pots of cheerful flowers.

Blue Butterfly

I took this photo in a street near where I live in Hereford.

Amelanchier Tree

The blossom from Anne Harvey's tree is gorgeous isn't it?

Miss Phoebe Is Happy!

Juliet Greenwood took this super photo of Miss Phoebe in the spring sunshine.

Royal Albert Hall

Serena Fairfax took this photo during the lockdown last month and hardly anyone about.

The Albert Memorial, Kensington

Serena Fairfax took this fab photo on a sunny day in London.

The Boating Lake, Battersea Park, London

Serena Fairfax photographed the boating lake on a beautiful spring day.

Swans in Wales

Sheila Khan captured this lovely photo of two swans.

Blackbird With Chick

Chris Crockett has blackbirds that visit daily. There are 3 chicks now and this one was at the bird bath early one morning.

Mother Sheep And Her Lamb

Juliet Greenwood took this lovely photo on a sunny April day.

Lockdown Window

Beverley Ann Hopper shares her colourful window supporting the NHS.

Wedding Day Rose

Sheila Holley has a fabulous wedding day rose tree.

Magnificent Sparrowhawk

Kate Long shares another of her fantastic photos.

Lovely Wisteria

Wyn Fisk took this photo of her super wisteria!

Rape Seed Field In Norwich

Heather Coppping was walking near this field full of rapeseed - fine if you don't suffer from hay fever!

St Mary The Virgin Shouldham Thorpe

Heather Copping took this photo of the church when she was out walking.

Perfect Poppy!

Patrica Humm took this photo of the big poppy she has grown. Lovely colour!

Beautiful Bougainvillea

Derek Coles has a wonderful bougainvillea once more this year!

Wildflower Meadow

Margaret James captured this wildflower meadow in the spring sunshine - perfect!

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