Public Loos In The UK - Are They Up To The Standard You Should Expect And Can You Nominate One For An Award?

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On 09 Aug, 2018

By Janice Rosser



Public Loos

You are out shopping, on a day trip, travelling on Public transport, at an airport, a station, a service station etc etc and you need the loo.

Is this a deed you dread? Are you armed with your own tissues, hand wash, fresh air spray, a spare pair of undies? And money in some instances too.

UK London train stations have come in for a bit of a battering on a good friend's FB page today. Dirty, wrongly situated, expensive, disabled loos a disgrace, lugging luggage over inadequate turnstiles to get to the loos, etc etc. A few positive comments but on the whole highly negative.

Let's face it, the people who clean these loos deserve a high rate of pay in my opinion. It is invariably some members of the public who cause many of the problems in public conveniences! 

This is such a shame. I can remember when I was little going into a Public Loo in Union Street in Hereford with my mum. There was a lovely lady sat in the office (yes, that's right, an office in a public loo!) and she asked us if we were okay and did we want change for the one old penny that was charged in the early 1960's. The loo was spotless, in fact the whole building was. This lady LOVED her job, she met different people all throughout the day, was a big lover of that disinfectant that has to be diluted, what's it called and can you still buy it? I have just remembered! Zoflora.

Many towns and cities have less Public Loos than ever before. This report in May 2016 highlighted the issue. The Guardian reported yesterday on the lack of facilities nowadays and urges more hotels etc to let the public use their loos.

I have found a website where you can enter your favourite Public Loo and the winner will be announced on 7th December 2018 in Solihull. As the page says:-

'The awards have a simple objective, namely, to encourage the highest possible standards in all 'away from home' or public toilets. Everyone has a shared responsibility to make this happen – toilet providers, managers, washroom suppliers, contractors, staff, visitors and customers – all toilet users.' 

I wonder who will win! The entries date has now passed for this year.

Where have you found your worse loo situated? Where have you found your best loo?

Please leave a comment and perhaps I can compile a list for us all!


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