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Readers Reviews Of A Ration Book Christmas By Jean Fullerton

Posted in Books on 12 Oct, 2018 | 508

A Ration Book Christmas by Jean Fullerton

I am delighted to publish readers reviews of A Ration Book Christmas by Jean Fullerton. My thanks to Corvus for donating review copies.


My Review Of Betsy And Lilibet By Sophie Duffy

Posted in Books on 10 Oct, 2018 | 390

Betsy and Lilibet by Sophie Duffy

Elizabeth (Betsy) Sunshine is born on the very same day as another, much more famous Elizabeth, the future Queen Elizabeth II. 


ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz Week 25

Posted in Quizzes on 09 Oct, 2018 | 266

Weekly Quiz

Welcome to Week 25 of the ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz!


Reviewing The Latest Vacuum From Vax - Blade 2 Max 40V Cordless

Posted in Household Cleaning on 08 Oct, 2018 | 953


I have been sent the latest powerful cordless Vax Blade 2 Max 40v to evaluate and would like to share my findings with you.


My Review Of Corruption By Elizabeth Ducie

Posted in Books on 07 Oct, 2018 | 387

Corruption bt Elizabeth Ducie

This is the latest story in a series of exciting thrillers in which Elizabeth Ducie’s two brilliant heroines, the Jones sisters Suzanne and Charlie, track down ruthless criminals and bring them to justice. 


My Interview With Paul Metcalfe - Some Guys Have All The Luck!

Posted in Music on 06 Oct, 2018 | 476

Paul Metcalfe

Paul Metcalfe is currently on tour performing 'Some Guys Have All The Luck' as Rod Stewart with his band. I urge you to go and see them if you are a Rod Stewart fan, you won't be disappointed! 


My Review Of All That Was Lost By Alison May

Posted in Books on 04 Oct, 2018 | 323

All That Was Lost by Alison May

Patrice Leigh – insightful medium and gifted spiritualist who can indeed make contact with those who have passed over into the spirit world? 


ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz Week 24

Posted in Quizzes on 02 Oct, 2018 | 304

Weekly Quiz

Welcome to Week 24 of the ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz!


Reviewing Wren Jane Beacon At War By D J Lindsay

Posted in Books on 29 Sep, 2018 | 404

Wren Jane Beacon at War by D J LIndsay

D J Lindsay has written the second part of his Wren Jane Beacon series. Below is an outline of the book written by Douglas and followed by readers reviews.


Wild And Wonderful Northumberland

Posted in Places on 27 Sep, 2018 | 353


Just over a week ago, we returned from a week’s holiday in Northumberland, our fourth holiday there in the space of the last decade. 



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