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ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz Week 28

Posted in Quizzes on 30 Oct, 2018 | 260

Weekly Quiz

Welcome to Week 28 of the ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz!


Fabulous Desk Friend Fan Heater From Dimplex Complete With Added USB Charging Port!

Posted in Small Electricals on 29 Oct, 2018 | 250

Dimplex Desk Friend

I have owned many fan heaters over the years. Most have been standard on/off cool/hot switches and nothing really special to look at. I have been sent The Desk Friend from Dimplex to evaluate and this model is stylish, modern and compact. 


ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz Week 27

Posted in Quizzes on 23 Oct, 2018 | 321

Weekly Quiz

Welcome to Week 27 of the ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz!


Reviewing Four Products from Omninatural

Posted in Health Treatments on 22 Oct, 2018 | 338


I have been sent four different products from  A jar of Snail Gel, A tube of Aloe Vera Gel, A tube of Copra Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera natural toothpaste and a jar of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!


A Review Of My Lovely Garden!

Posted in Garden Equipment and Gardens on 21 Oct, 2018 | 290

As a writer, I’ve self-published two novels A Suitable Young Man and Bittersweet Flight (links to images below), a collection of short stories Entertaining Angels( and am currently editing book three. 


Reviews Of Girl In Red Velvet By Margaret James

Posted in Books on 20 Oct, 2018 | 1215

Girl In Red Velvet by Margaret James

I have read and enjoyed Girl in Red Velvet by Margaret James, one of the many talented authors from Choc Lit Publishing and would like to share my review with you all.


Readers Reviews Of Only One Woman By Christina Jones And Jane Risdon

Posted in Books on 19 Oct, 2018 | 2859

Only One Woman by Christina Jones and Jane Risdon

Katrin from Accent Press has very kindly donated copies of Only One Woman by Christina Jones and Jane Risdon.If you love music and remember the heady days of the 60's, read on! Let me start by introducing the authors.


Readers Reviews Of Latest Legend Press Books

Posted in Books on 17 Oct, 2018 | 479

I am delighted to be sharing readers reviews of the latest great Legend Press novels. My thanks to Lucy.


ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz Week 26

Posted in Quizzes on 16 Oct, 2018 | 295

Weekly Quiz

Welcome to Week 26 of the ReviewSpot Topical News Quiz!


My Review Of Vileda Premium 2-In-1 Indoor Drier

Posted in Household Cleaning on 15 Oct, 2018 | 434

Vileda Indoor drier Premium 2 in 1

I have been sent the latest Vileda Premium 2 in 1 indoor drier to review and I would like to share my findings with you.



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