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Awesome Marshmallow S'Mores Kit From Belinda Clarke! Do Buy This Kit - You Won't Be Disappointed!

Posted in Food and Drink on 08 Apr, 2018 | 374

I am a big lover of Belinda Clark marshmallows and have evaluated her products in the past. Now there is a S'Mores Kit available and I can't wait to evaluate this!


Excellent Nutritional Supplements To Help With Energy Metabolism And To Aid Digestion? Try Healthspan Opti Magnesium And Super50 Pro !

Posted in Health Treatments on 08 Apr, 2018 | 864

I have been buying Healthspan products for a number of years now and am very happy with the quality and value the various supplements provide.


Best Medium Shredder? Fellowes Powershred 63Cb Does The Job Brilliantly!

Posted in Small Electricals on 08 Apr, 2018 | 603

How do you choose a shredder when the one you have had for 15 years finally decides to pack up in a splendid fashion by sparking and snapping?! Read more...

Need A Great Cordless Lawn Mower? GTech Comes Up Trumps!

Posted in Garden Equipment and Gardens on 08 Apr, 2018 | 1036

I have never been excited about trying out a new lawn mower before, but after using the GTech Falcon cordless, I am very impressed!


Find The Perfect Wipe Clean Tablecloth - Award Winning Wipe Easy Tablecloths Have A Fabulous Range!

Posted in Home Furnishings on 08 Apr, 2018 | 674

There’s nothing more pleasant than eating outdoors when the weather is warm though finding a tablecloth for your patio table isn’t always easy, especially if it has a parasol hole!


Where To Find Fantastic Ergonomic Chairs At Affordable Prices? Try Posturite!

Posted in Home Furnishings on 08 Apr, 2018 | 525

Those of you who belong to my website will know that I run it on my own and spend many hours sitting at my desk writing articles, newsletters, tweeting, facebooking etc etc.


Is This The Best Electric Bike? The eBike City From GTech Certainly Is Fabulous!

Posted in Fitness and Exercise on 08 Apr, 2018 | 1141

I know that I should ride my bicycle more often. My trusty Etienne cycle from Halfords is around three years old. It has probably been used a dozen times.


An Excellent Wired Aluminium Keyboard In UK For Mac? Try The Matias FK318S-UK From The Keyboard Company!

Posted in Technology on 08 Apr, 2018 | 700

If you are looking to replace your keyboard, there is a huge selection of excellent products from The keyboard Company. I work with Mac products and have been sent the latest Matias Wired Aluminium Keyboard to evaluate.


Marigold Gloves, Scourers And Cleaning Cloths 70 Years On And Still The Best On The Market In My Opinion!

Posted in Household Cleaning on 08 Apr, 2018 | 825

Marigold products have been a household name since 1947!  70 years and the name is still as popular and well known in 2017. 


Best Treatment For Bruises And Bumps? Try Arnica Skin Cream From A Vogel - Suitable For All Skin Types!

Posted in Health Treatments on 08 Apr, 2018 | 624

I have been sent a new skin care product manufactured by A Vogel which is ideal for soothing and lessening the pain from bruising.



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