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My Evaluation Of Pact Coffee

Posted in Food and Drink on 13 Apr, 2018 | 532

Coffee, lots of different types of coffee, all strengths, all flavours, some instant, some ground, some good, some awful. So, I saw the website they have very kindly sent me a pack to try!


Eisberg Wine - All The Quality And Taste Without The Alcohol!

Posted in Food and Drink on 12 Apr, 2018 | 927

Who remembers when Eisberg wine first came out? I can remember drinking glasses when I was driving during nights out in the eighties.


My Review Of The House Of Hopes And Dreams By Trisha Ashley

Posted in Books on 12 Apr, 2018 | 1978

The House of Hopes and Dreams by Trisha Ashley

This delicious new romantic comedy from the Sunday Times bestselling novelist is four hundred pages of pure delight, with recipes as well!


Looking For A New Cordless Grass Trimmer? The GTech ST20 Cordless Certainly Gets Top Marks From Me!

Posted in Garden Equipment and Gardens on 12 Apr, 2018 | 774

I have been sent the latest GTech Grass Trimmer to evaluate and would like to share my findings with you.


Best iPad Case For Toughness And Durability? Peli Voyager Is Number One In My Book!

Posted in Technology on 11 Apr, 2018 | 601

Peli Voyager

My iPad Air 2 needs a STRONG DURABLE case to protect it. Where is the best place to buy one from I wonder?



Posted in Household Cleaning on 11 Apr, 2018 | 496

Photo copyright Unilever 

Do you prefer powder, liquid or gel capsules when machine washing clothes? I like to try them all!


A Truly Elegant And Impressively Efficient Electric Stove From Dimplex, Ideal For Modern Living

Posted in Small Electricals on 10 Apr, 2018 | 570

I was delighted to be invited to evaluate the gorgeous Dimplex electric stove, which was delivered to my door a couple of days ago.


How To Clean Your Floors Efficiently With The SuperMocio XL Mop From Vileda!

Posted in Household Cleaning on 10 Apr, 2018 | 821

Photo copyright Vileda and reproduced with permission

The trusted household name Vileda has been with us since 1948! I am sure most of us have bought a Vileda mop and bucket at some stage during our lives.


Stay Safe In The Home With The Supra C500 From Key Safe

Posted in Home Security on 10 Apr, 2018 | 727

 The Key Safe Company is the market leader of mechanical key boxes, having revolutionised the way in which people can access properties safely and securely.


Need A Lightweight Corded Vacuum From Shark? The HV390UKT Shark DuoClean Corded Stick Vacuum with Flexology, TruePet Model Is Superb!

Posted in Household Cleaning on 10 Apr, 2018 | 945

Do you need to replace your vacuum? Do you have a pet/pets? Why not look at the Shark HV390UKT? It is a compact, easy to manage corded vacuum that produces excellent results with ease!



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